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Sjogren’s Syndrome

Sjogren’s Syndrome

What is Sjogren’s Syndrome ?

Sjogren’s syndrome is an auto immune disease identified by dry mouth and dry eyes of the patient. The glands that produces tears and saliva are attacked leading to dryness in mouth and eyes.  This syndrome can also affect other parts of the body including your lungs, kidneys, joints, blood vessels and nerves.

Sjogren's Syndrome

Swollen salivary glands, vaginal dryness, dry cough, joint pains and fatigue are the most common symptoms identified in Sjogren’s syndrome. The burning sensation in eyes and difficulty in swallowing or speaking are the basic symptoms in this syndrome.


Immunosuppressants, NSAIDs and steroids are some of the medications used in treating Sjogren’s syndrome. Saliva production simulators and artificial tears also can be used in controlling the irregularities caused due to dryness in eyes and mouth.