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Inflammatory Myopathies

Inflammatory Myopathies

What is Inflammatory Myopathies?

Inflammatory myopathies are disorder which weaken the body muscles. The people having this disease face difficulty in physical activities like lifting objects and climbing stairs due to lack of strength in muscles. The disease can be treated effectively with proper medication and self-personal care.

Inflammatory myopathie

Some of the most common symptoms of Inflammatory myopathies are weakness in muscles near various parts of the body like hips, thighs, neck, shoulders and upper arms, muscle pain, stiffness, skin rashes, and problems in breathing.


The medications like Anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive medicines helps to reduce the symptoms and treat the disease. Heat and physical therapies help to reduce pain and improve the functioning of the muscles in the body.

Braces help to support the muscles and its movement. Physical stretching of the muscles and applying the heat packs on the affected areas helps to relieve the muscle pain.